One million workers in Massachusetts are unable to earn paid sick time at their jobs, forcing them to risk their financial stability to tend to an illness, or go to work sick to in order to keep their job.

The Earned Sick Time ballot initiative will ensure that all workers in Massachusetts can earn time to take care of their own health, the health of their children and close family members without losing critical wages or their job. Here’s how it works:

  • All Massachusetts workers will earn up to 40 hours of sick time each calendar year.
  • In order to promote small businesses, employers with 10 or fewer workers will only be required to provide unpaid sick time. People who work for employers with 11 or more workers will earn paid sick time.
  • Employers are not required to provide any paid sick time until an employee has worked 90 days.
  • Workers are protected from being fired if they need to stay home sick or need to care for a sick child or close family member.
  • Earned sick time can be used for an employee’s own health needs or the health needs of a child, spouse, parent, or parent-in-law
  • Workers who must take earned time because of an illness are protected from employer retaliation.
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