Raising the minimum wage would raise the wages of about half a million people across the Commonwealth. Massachusetts hasn’t increased the minimum wage since George W. Bush was president. When the minimum wage doesn’t keep pace with the rising cost of living, these workers and their families have fallen further and further behind.

    • The Raise Up Massachusetts ballot initiative will raise the minimum wage to $9.25 by 2015 and to $10.50 by 2016. Beginning in 2017, the minimum wage will be tied to the rising cost of living.
    • The amount employers are required to pay tipped workers hasn’t been updated since 1999.  Accounting for inflation, employers were required to pay tipped workers $6.23 an hour in 1968   – today they are required to pay only $2.63 (as long as the workers tips fill the gap to the regular minimum wage).  The ballot question would increase the hourly wage for tipped workers to $4.15 by 2015 and to $6.30 by 2016.
    • Consumer spending accounts for nearly 70 percent of our national economy and our recovery has been held back by weak consumer demand.  More money in the hands of struggling families will help get our economy back on track and will help local businesses prosper and strengthen our communities.


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