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What Question 4 Proposes

Question 4 would allow all workers to earn 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours a year. Earned sick time can be used for the employee’s own health needs or the health needs of a child, parent, spouse or parent of a spouse. Employees would also be protected from being fired for using their earned sick time.

Workers at companies with 10 or fewer employees would earn up to 40 hours of unpaid sick time, and workers at companies with 11 or more employees would earn up to 40 hours of paid sick time. Question 4 requires employees to work for 90 days before using their first sick day, and to provide a doctor’s note for absences of 3 days or more.

How Question 4 Would Help

There are currently almost 1 million workers in Massachusetts who can’t earn a single hour of paid sick time. They’re often left having to choose between taking care of the child they love or the job that puts food on the table. Question 4 would allow these workers to take time to take care of their health or the health of a loved one without fear of losing their job.

Hardworking people shouldn’t have to choose between the job they need and the children they love. Earned sick time would support working families by allowing parents to stay home with a sick child, rather than sending them to school sick.

Why Massachusetts Needs Question 4

Question 4 would help our state’s workers, businesses, and economy. While Massachusetts has near-universal health care, one-third of workers can’t access that health care without the risk of losing their jobs. Question 4 gives all workers the right to maintain their wellbeing and that of their families. Businesses would benefit from healthier, more productive, and more loyal employees, while the reduction in worker turnover also generates big savings for businesses.

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